As a Hub administrator, you can choose to add any of our OER Commons Hub Collections to your Hub. You will be able to choose from a pre-populated list of available collections, found in your Hub Settings Collection Admin panel.

Hub users will be able to access all hub collection content within their LMS via LTI. 

Add a collection to your Hub

  1. Search for a collection in the Featured item drop-down menu and select from the list
  2. Choose the order in which your collections will appear by adding a number in Order field. The first item will start with 0, followed by 1, 2, 3, etc. If you set all collections to 0, they will be displayed in the order you add them.
  3. Choose which Collection sets your collection will appear in by selecting the set title in the Display in the field.
  4. Add the collection to your hub.

Contribute content to Hub collections

Collections are created based on specified metadata. The metadata parameters are determined by ISKME/OER Commons metadata specialists. When collections are created specifically for your hub, our team will work closely with your organization to determine the metadata parameters and to decide who will have permission to add those parameters to content. Contact your hub project lead for more details on the who and how of adding content to your Hub collections. 

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