Communicate with your hub members by posting announcements.

You can make an announcement active (visible) or inactive (no longer visible) on the Hub page and choose to send an email notification to your members. Create a new announcement, delete or edit an existing announcement using the Announcement chart.

Create an announcement

To begin, open the Announcements section of the Hub Admin panel and select New. 

  1. Title - This is the title that appears on your hub landing page and in the title line of the email if you choose to send email notice for your announcement. 
  2. Text - This is the body of your message. It is fully editable using the editing toolbar. You can link to external resources or drop in a meeting link. 
  3. Is active - Select "Yes" for Active and "No" for inactive. Active announcements appear in the News section of your hub landing page. You can hide an item from the homepage by change is active to "No."
  4. Send - Select "Yes" to send this announcement to your hub members via email.
  5. Save your announcement to create and send.