Open Author Resources Have an Updated Look

Today, we're releasing an updated layout and a few other improvements for Open Author resources.


Here's the rundown on what's new!

It's easier to see differences between Student and Instructor content 

  1. Instructor Notes section appears in a clearly labeled side bar, next to Student Content
  2. You can open the Student View in a new tab with one click, making it easier to do a quick check to understand what your students will see when they open the resource

Improved navigation for both Students and Instructors 

  1. Use the drop down Table of Contents to navigate between Lesson sections 
  2. Toggle to One Page View to view all sections on one page

Streamlined Tool Bar with some nifty new features 

  1. Use the new Print feature to generate a printer friendly layout so you can provide paper based copies for your classroom

  2. Use on page slide out widgets to see and add ratings, comments, evaluations, and alignment tags while browsing the Instructor view. Page through sections, close and re-open the widgets without losing your work

You can still go back to the Old Layout if you want to

  1. Simply click the "See Old Layout" button in the upper right hand corner of the resource, and you will be able to view the original layout.   
  2. To toggle back to the New Layout, click the "See New Layout" button in the same upper right hand corner.

If you have feedback about the new layout, we want to hear from you. We want to know what is working for you, and what we could improve. Please take a few minutes to tell us via the OER Commons User Satisfaction Survey.


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