Thank you for your interest in adding resources to OER Commons! Below, you will find the rubric used by our content specialists to review content submissions. If your resource fails to meet any of the required criteria, your resource will be automatically disqualified from publication. If your resource fails to meet suggested criteria, your submission may be rejected, based on the discretion of the content specialist conducting the review. 

Educational Context





Resource Clearly supports learning in K-12, undergraduate, graduate, vocational, or professional learning contexts.


Resource presents a clear context of use for a specific educational audience. It is clear who would use this resource and how this resource could be used to meet teaching or learning goals.


Resource presents clearly articulated learning goals or objectives. It can be aligned to educational standards for student achievement, or professional development standards.


Licensing/Usage Rights

The resource document itself or collection provider website contains clearly stated licensing and/or usage rights.


The resource document itself or collection provider website clearly states that content is released under a creative commons license, is within the public domain, or that usage rights have been granted for non commercial or educational use.


User Access 

Resource is openly accessible without creating an account or logging in.  


Resource is openly accessible in whole. (i.e. not partial commercial “sample” content)


Resource does not require use of commercial software or services.


Resource is appropriately granular to facilitate ease of user access to specific teaching or learning content (i.e. we do not index links to top pages of large databases, we index direct links to individual learning resources)



Applied STEM content has been created or updated within the last 3-5 years.


General content has been updated within the last 5-7 years. 


Software or browser applications required for use of the resource are supported in modern operating systems and browsers. 


Describing Your Resource

The following fields are required:

Title: The title of the resource you are submitting.

URL: A unique URL is required to create a record in OERC.

Subject: Please select the appropriate subject for your resource from the following values: Applied Science, Arts and Humanities, Business and Communication, Career and Technical Education, Education, English Language Arts, History, Law, Life Science, Mathematics, Physical Science or Social Science. For Greater Specificity in your subject please add keywords.

Material Type: This field describes what kind of resource you are submitting, and its educational use. Please choose from the following values :Activities and Labs, Assessments, Audio Lectures, Case Study, Data, Full Course, Games, Homework and Assignments, Images and Illustrations, Instructional Material, Interactive, Lecture Notes, Lesson Plans, Module, Primary Source, Readings, Reference, Resource Review, Simulations, Specimen, Student Guide, Syllabi, 

Teaching and Learning Strategies, Textbooks, Unit of Study, Video Lectures, Other

Level: Please Choose the Appropriate Educational Level for the resource you are submitting: Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Lower Primary (K-2), Upper Primary(3-5), Middle School(6-8), High School (9-12), Community College/Lower Division, College/Upper Division, Graduate/Professional, Career/Technical, or Adult Education. If relevant, choose appropriate grade levels.

Language: Please select your resource’s language.

Media Format: This field describes the format which your resource is delivered: Please choose from the following values: Audio, Braille/BNF, Downloadable docs, eBook, Graphics/Photos, Interactive, Mobile, Text/HTML, Video, or Other