Remixing a resource means you can adapt, reorganize, and remake a resource to create something new. This is especially helpful when you would like to adapt the material to learners’ needs, localize content to make the material more accessible, or add revised data to keep your resource current and up to date while preserving the original.

When you create a Remix you are essentially creating an editable copy. The original content remains intact, and you can now make changes to your own copy of the resource. The original author will be notified of your remix once your version is published. This can be a great way to connect with other educators and build your open community. 

Note: Currently, remixing is limited to resources that are created directly in OER Commons. This means that you can use our Remix tools for content created with our authoring tools, but not content that is hosted on another site. 

Learn about the usage rights of an educational resource to determine if it can be remixed.


Reasons to remix

Why you may want to remix a resource

  • Localize examples to add regional relevance for your students. 
  • Adapt content for another grade level or adapt to match alternate learning styles
  • Shift the focus of the subject area.
  • Add something new to it like an assessment or a video.
  • Update references to keep pace with new research and scientific discoveries


Create a remix

1. Login to OER Commons.
2. Find a resource that you would like to remix. You can find remixable content through the advanced search feature. Select Open Author Resources from the "Content Source" filter and Remix and Share from the "Conditions of use" filter. Select your desired grade, subject, educational standard, and other filters and then Search.

You can also filter any search result by Conditions of use: Remix and Share to filter for content that can be remixed. 

From the Snapshot View page, look for these symbols to determine if the resource can be remixed:

3. Click the View Resource button.

4. Click the Remix this resource button.

Note: You will not be changing the original resource. In remix mode, you are creating a new copy of the resource.


Stages to remixing a resource

There are three stages to remixing a resource Write, Describe, and Submit.


Write your remix

  1. Give a new title to the resource.
  2. Scroll the content and make changes to the content as you see fit.
  3. Modify the headings and subheadings in the Table of Contents if you make any additions or deletions.
  4. Insert links from external sources by typing the text you would like displayed and paste in the link.
  5. Insert media such as videos, images, audio, and PDFS to make your remixed resource interactive. Upload an item from your computer or paste in a link from the web. Click next to fill out a description of the media. Click Submit.
  6. Add a Co-Author if you are working with another person.
  7. Upload a Google Doc from your Drive. NOTE: to import from Google Docs without overwriting your remix material, select "Add New Unit," first, and then import the Doc to the new unit. 
  8. Click the Next Step: Describe button.

See also: Describing your remixed resource