Add Resources to your LMS

If you would like to add resources from OER Commons to your LMS, please use this form to request LTI credentials:

Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and D2L Brightspace are supported by LTI 1.3. Schoology is supported by LTI 1.1.

Updated April 9, 2021: In Spring/Summer 2021, ISKME began rolling out LTI 1.3 to microsites. Support for LTI 1.1 will be discontinued except for Schoology, and new installations of LTI 1.1 in OER Commons or microsites are no longer offered.

Contact us at with questions. 

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Alles ok.


How can I integrate OER Commons to NEO LMS?

What do I need to do for schoology now? Google form does not work.

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